👋 This week on the pod, we were joined by Thomas Lotrecchiano, co-founder of Omigo.

Omigo is a fast-growing DTC brand building an empire around bidets – and the notion that you should wash, not wipe. 🚽

‍The Takeaways: 👇

💩 Selling an unusual/fringe/taboo product? Education is key.

“The most difficult thing about selling bidets to Americans is probably the fact that most of them haven’t used one before. 

So, to educate them is the most difficult thing… To help them understand how much better it is than wiping with toilet paper.”

Omigo did a few things to better educate their audience on bidets (and ultimately improve new customer conversion):

  • Focusing their creative efforts on video (that are also hilarious and educational).
  • Investing in organic content: They spend time creating blog content to address common questions and concerns.
  • Extending their sales funnel: They added a long-form detail page where they point most of their middle-of-funnel traffic.

🛍️ How brands can use the “TikTok made me buy it” concept

As TikTok surpasses 1B monthly users (❗), DTC brands are scrounging to get their products in the hands of top TikTok influencers.

But before getting too “salesy,” marketers may want to consider a more organic, authentic approach with TikTok – which is, after all, the essence of the platform… 

“You can’t go out there making ads on TikTok or ask creators and expect it to blow up… It’s all about giving creators free-range with your product and letting it organically show up on someone’s feed.”

👹 Tips for feeding the YouTube Algo-Beast

YouTube has been a big growth channel for Omigo.

But how do they keep up with the creative churn needed to feed the YouTube algorithm? 😫

They work smart, not (too) hard.

“You don’t need to make a new video entirely every couple of months; you don’t have to put out a brand new video. 

But it is important to make small adjustments to your creative… it’s about keeping creatives fresh for the algorithm, not your audience.”

Thomas recommends frequently making small tweaks to your existing videos, like:

  • New intros/outros
  • Cutting differing segments
  • Changing up the end cards and CTAs

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