Are you ready for a Masterclass in customer retention? 👨‍🎓

Then you’re gonna love this week’s podcast.

We were joined by Troy Petrunoff, the Retention Marketing Manager of Every Man Jack – men’s (and women’s!) grooming products inspired by the outdoors and powered by nature.

As one of the first-movers in the men’s natural grooming industry and successfully scaling from retail to DTC, this brand knows a thing or two about marketing. 

‍The Takeaways: 👇

🛍️ How Bundles can boost customer acquisition:

Bundling popular products has helped Every Man Jack convert first-time buyers. 

In fact, their “Body Wash Quad” continues to be one of their best-sellers for acquisition.

And during their recent Labor Day Sale, they found that first-time customers were more likely to click on Bundles (returning customers clicked on Best-Sellers instead.)

Bundling or sampling can make sense if your product comes in different scents, flavors, or variations. People love to try stuff before they commit! 🙋

📱 QR codes are making a comeback, and here’s how to use them:

Thinking about using QR codes for your brand? 

Here are a few use cases to consider 🤔:


If you regularly sponsor or attend events, include a QR code on your tent/booth, packaging, or flyers. The code could link to a landing page, or send a text, with a unique offer for that event.

(Every Man Jack has found this successful at Tough Mudder races which they sponsor.)

Samples or New Products:

Create samples of a new product with a QR code on the package (or a sticker) that allows you to re-order or pre-fills your basket.

Retail → eComm Conversion:

If your product sells in stores, add a QR code to your retail packaging that gives an incentive to buy online.

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