🎧 This week on the pod we got to the root of how to do dental differently with Matt Fitzgerald, CMO of Tend.

Tend is helping people actually look forward to going to the dentist by vastly improving the customer experience – complete with modern studios, state-of-the-art tech, a top-rated clinical team, and, most importantly, selfie mirrors for taking tooth pics.. (get it? 😁).

OK, enough with the dentist puns. Here’s a snapshot of the insights from our convo with Matt!

‍The Takeaways: 👇

🦷 Winning with 1:1 and out-of-home marketing:

Marketing a service comes with an interesting dilemma/opportunity… Matt calls it “the chair hour.”

“You have a single hour with a patient, and if you don’t fill that chair hour, you never get it back. You can’t sell two, and you can’t stack the chairs on top of each other.”

He quickly realized that a one-on-one service requires a one-on-one marketing approach.

Some of the successful tactics Tend has used include:

  • Bullish direct mail advertising
  • Out-of-home ads like billboards, busses, and posters
  • Content drips to educate customers in the time between booking and their first appointment, and between regular visits (usually around six months)

“[10-15% of new customers] will tell us the very first time they learned about Tend was walking around their neighborhood.”

🤔 Why NPS is a top three KPI:

NPS = Net Promoter Score.

It’s essentially a gold-standard rating of customer experience that involves a traditional survey and scoring system. ⭐

“NPS is a top three KPI for us, we watch it like a hawk.”

However, there are some stipulations for making sure your NPS is as accurate and actionable as possible:

  • Collect qualitative comments
  • Have a sediment tool analysis that can help you organize the feedback
  • Prioritize your work flows so that you can actually improve what’s not working

Clear themes = clear ways to improve.

💰 What Matt Would Do With an Extra $50K

“I would want to try a new [higher-risk] channel…. Whether it’s streaming, TV, or Youtube – something much more video-based.”

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