🎧 This week on the pod, we chatted with Ian Leslie, previous CMO at Industry West, who has since moved to Senior Director of Retail Advocacy at Bolt.com

Bolt is a technology company on a mission to democratize commerce—making buying easy, trusted, and consistent for shoppers. The world’s first checkout experience platform, Bolt offers a lightning-fast, one-click checkout and connects millions of shoppers to retailers through a unified, cross-brand network. 

Our convo with Leslie was unique, spanning the gamut from BF/CM to NFTs to baseball cards.

‍The Takeaways: 👇

📦 BFCM & Supply Chain Issues:

Most marketers are aware of the huge supply chain issues plaguing businesses globally right now. Many brands may even be experiencing shortages, unable to fulfill orders at the scale they’re used to.

However, we can’t assume the general shopper is in the loop...

“The general public is probably not as aware of [supply chain issues] as we think they are.”

🔊 This means that communication with customers will be the key to succeeding this holiday season.

“The companies that are most transparent and deal with it best are going to win.”

If your inventory is looking slim for BFCM, instead of running a huge sale, two options you could consider include:

  • Pushing gift cards
  • Offering “buy now receive later”

However, Leslie believes the success of companies will ultimately depend on the level of Customer Service they can offer shoppers.

In other words, treat your CS teams with extra love and care in the upcoming weeks. ❤️

🔮 The state of the industry and the future of what’s to come.

During our convo with Leslie, we also talked about:

  • Key lessons from Leslie’s five years at Industry West.
  • The future of fast checkouts.
  • Baseball cards, NFTs, and big news about Adobe.
  • Real Talk about the coming (and already here) supply chain crunch.

And much more.

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