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🎧 On the latest episode of the DTC pod, we got real with Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream founder and CEO Jason Kutasi.

Highlighting topics such as emotional learning, loss, and gratitude, Puppy Dogs & Ice Cream prioritize publishing meaningful and educational stories for children to help them grow into the best versions of themselves. 🧒🏼

‍The takeaways 👇

📚 Books need hooks

Having a great story is a must, but just like DTC ads and landing pages need a killer hook, Jason talks about the importance of children’s books following the same formula. Why should consumers buy this book? What makes this book different from other books?

“The best way to sell is by sharing an experience or telling a story, and the consumer needs to see themselves in that story. Is that a problem that they have had? Or like, ‘Yes, you were talking to me. I'm resonating with this, so tell me more.’”

🏗️ Building brand loyalty

Most established DTC brands operate in highly-competitive markets.

This means there’s more required of brands than having a great product and being able to sell it effectively.

To thrive in this dynamic, brands must apply strategies to get consumers to return to their site and repeat their purchases. For Jason, one of those strategies revolves around customer service.

“One thing I'm very proud of as a business owner is that we are obsessive-compulsive about customer service. Our customer service scores are off the charts, and I think you will always have a problem when you hit a certain size or scale [but]... if you treat those customers right, it makes them more loyal to the brand.”

💰 What Jason would do with an extra $50K:

Jason is thinking in terms of efficiency and growth.  

“I would probably put the money into tech. One of the things that we've been spending a lot of time doing is building out all these micro apps… I'm also thinking about what's next, not necessarily for the company, but the evolution of our growth.”

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