NFT for DTC? How Web3 and Metaverse are the Next 100x with The Lazy Marketer, Chris Rempel

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And now for something a little different. Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast. Today we're talking about how "the next internet" or Web3 will change the landscape for DTC Brands in the next 5-10 years.

This wide-ranging conversation covers the core of crypto,

Centralization vs Decentralization, and how Web3 gives consumers, brands, and advertisers more skin in the game. We chat about the best current brand implementations within the metaverse, as well as what you should be thinking about already to take advantage of the next big 100x.

Chris is a friend and someone who's been a digital marketing for almost 20 years. For his take on the Web3 opportunity, download his whitepaper here: https://thelazymarketer.com/whitepaper-extreme-opportunities-in-the-wild-web3-frontier/

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