This week on the DTC podcast, we were joined by Orchid Bertelsen of Nestlé USA to talk about the future of marketing and tech.

As the Head of Consumer Experience Strategy and Innovation, she works with 40+ brands, testing emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice assistance, and AR/VR. 🤖

Orchid took us deep into the digital Metaverse, and here’s what we learned… 

‍The Takeaways: 👇

💻 What the heck is ‘MarTech’?

MarTech = Marketing Technology

In a nutshell, it includes the tools and technologies (“tech stack”) marketers use to inform, plan, and execute campaigns.

Lately, MarTech has been expanding as brands start using more sophisticated technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and artificial/virtual reality.

Put on your VR goggles, folks. MarTech is something to keep your eyes on as eCommerce grows. 👀

🚀 Into the Metaverse… 

“The Metaverse is really this digital manifestation of a separate universe you could live in.”

While this sounds like science-fiction (Ready Player One, anyone?), the Metaverse is already a reality:

  • People are having weddings in Nintendo’s Animal Crossing
  • Fortnite launched a virtual concert series headlined by Ariana Grande
  • Zoom is offering “virtual workspaces” where you can meet with coworkers

“As people spend more time on Animal Crossing or Fortnite, they want to buy shirts or merch for their avatar – they’re spending real money.”

Wherever there are goods and services to be sold – whether it’s merch for your Avatar or virtual concert tix – eCommerce can thrive.

Speaking of a digital universe… 

👩‍💻 How a digital human can enhance your customer experience:

OK, Tollhouse just took customer service to a whole new level… 

They used AI technology to create a digital Cookie Coach™ named Ruth, and she can answer just about every cooking-baking question you might have.  🤯

She can also give you step-by-step instructions, share video tutorials, and even help you customize your recipe based on dietary preferences.

Digital humans like Ruth are an example of the future of MarTech, and how technology can provide a more engaging, interactive, emotionally intelligent customer experience.

“Ruth, how can I sell my cookies in the Metaverse?” 🍪

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