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Welcome to DTC Podcast, I'm Eric Dyck. Today we're letting Kismet take over in our chat with C-Suite Las Vegas Mentor, Director of E-commerce at Mini Katana, Karly McFarland.

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Karly is a force of nature I met at our first meetup in March last year. Since then, she's been on an absolute tear, building and now exiting her email agency, writing the literal book on email marketing, and joining forces with our friend Isaac, slinging swords and building a media empire at Mini Katana.

Listen to the end to hear all about:

  • Quantum leap your network with a mentor pass
  • Why being at a brand slays the agency game
  • How vodka turned a nightmare client into a good friend

Karly also teases the email content strategy used by Birddogs that she will be implementing at Mini Katana and that she will be presenting in Las Vegas...

I hope you enjoy this C-Suite Mentor fact, if you're listening and want to come but can't afford a ticket, send me an email at, and give me the best reason why we should give you a free one. I'll give one ticket away with every mentor preview podcast.

To join us in Las Vegas, March 23-24 ➝

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