🎧 This week on the pod we had the pleasure of chatting with Emily Elyse Miller, Founder and CEO of OffLimits Cereal, a brand on a mission to reclaim cereal culture.

In a world full of rules, OffLimits is giving a defiant middle finger to the stale breakfast aisle with clean ingredients, offensively delicious taste, fun mascots, and a refreshing alignment with the future of tech. 🥣

Despite the name, nothing was off limits in this wide-ranging conversation where we discussed NFTs, Web3, crypto, artist collabs, and more…

‍The Takeaways: 👇

👩‍💻 What not to do with NFTs:

OffLimits is pioneering cereal tokens – creating the industry’s first NFT cereal toys, limited-edition boxes, and coupons.

“We’re building [the future of NFTs] now…my excitement is that this is the Wild West…it’s whatever we want to shape it as.”

Despite her enthusiasm, Emily Elyse doesn’t think NFTs are right for every brand right now. She personally spent years educating herself on the concept before bringing them into OffLimits.

“Brands should know that it’s very early…really the only people that care about this stuff are the crypto-native community…and I don’t think brands should feel pressure to do anything just because it feels trendy right now.

So, before jumping onto the NFT bandwagon, does your audience even know what they are? And do they care? All good questions to ask. 🤔

🎨 Collabs > ads:

When asked about their growth over the last two years, Emily told us it’s all been organic.

“We definitely do some digital marketing, but man, we launched in 2020…it’s been really challenging…[when it comes to ads] we’re priced out.”

Instead of dumping money into paid and hoping for the best, they’ve focused on growing organically by building an emotional connection with their audience and connecting with other creators for custom collaborations. 💙

OffLimits has done custom cereal boxes with a number of artists, an ice cream flavor collab with Salt & Straw, and has launched toys and other limited edition drops on the Culture App network, just to name a few.

💰 What Emily Elyse would do with an extra $50K:

Part of OffLimit’s mission is to disintegrate the “starving artist trope” and empower creative people.

“Any kind of grant would go towards us creating a brand that’s empowering creative communities, and teaching everybody that it’s an entrepreneurial effort as well.”

👉 Chow down on the full convo with Emily Elyse here!

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