iRestore Hair Growth System: Kevin Chen - The True Impact of Costco

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Hello, and welcome to DTC Podcast. Today we’re tackling a product with a purpose that's a little too close to home.

As a follicly challenged person, I understand that for some with less perfect head shapes than myself, hair loss can be a confidence-shaking experience. That’s why Kevin Chen built iRestore, the hair growth system that’s scaled to over 50 employees, with big plans to launch a full suite of products designed to restore and maintain epidermally derived confidence to both men and women as they set their sights on becoming a billion dollar beauty empire.


Kevin doesn’t mess around.

You’ll hear us discuss:

  • Why investing early in your product can be a massive moat later on, and what it takes to get FDA approval
  • Why a hundred digital marketing level decisions can be dwarfed by a single phone call (when Costco’s calling) and how the Kirkland conglomerate added a cool 15% of net new iRestore revenue after it.
  • Why a high-risk, high-reward rebrand has Kevin thinking BIG in beauty…

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