Fractional CMO: If You Shelve It, Will They Come? With Fractional CMO Bryan Holladay

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Hello and welcome to DTC Podcast, I’m Eric Dyck. Today’s podcast is with Bryan Holladay, who is a fractional CMO for three different home goods and apparel companies. Bryan is a long time performance marketer with a skill set on paid social that makes him dangerous, and a strategic mind for the broader picture that really sets him apart.

Today we dive in on:

What the day to day of a fractional CMO looks like and exactly how he integrates with the brands he works with The biggest impacts he’s had with each of his brands The biggest sea changes Bryan’s seen in the DTC Space since 2019 and what he’s done to keep his brands’ head above water. The risks of retail and marketplaces, and why the adage, if you shelve it, they will come couldn’t be further from the truth. Why Facebook and Instagram are still your best bet in paid social media marketing

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