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🎧 On this week’s episode of the DTC pod, we gathered some sharp ecomm insight from MiniKatana founder Isaac Medeiros.

Founded in 2020, MiniKatana is a specialty eCommerce company focused on selling swords, letter openers, and other types of blades based in Los Angeles, CA.

‍The takeaways 👇

➡️ No option but forward

Due to the unfortunate combination of the nature of the product and the nature of Meta’s strict advertising guidelines, MiniKatana was banned from advertising on the platform. However, instead of being discouraged, Isaac took this as an opportunity to put his efforts into organic sales.

“I kind of knew that… if I posted a video [on TikTok], people would see it. The first video didn't really lead to anything, it just got a few thousand views, but the second video got a few thousand views and a sale. That's kind of all I needed. Everything I do now is just an extreme version of that first sale and first few thousand views.”

⚠️ Grabbing (and keeping) attention

At MiniKatana, Isaac has a methodology: entertain first and the sales will come.

Although companies are producing more content than ever before, we’ve seen that the volume of content doesn’t necessarily correlate with consumer retention. In fact, more often than not, the more content companies create, the more content people forget. Because of this, grabbing consumer attention is key.

“The form of attention capture that we're using… is so effective and entertaining right from the first touch point with the customer. We're building unimaginable affinity [that] it would take an ecommerce brand probably ten touch points to match us on Facebook ads or whatever we're doing… because we make them laugh, we're not selling them something, we're entertaining them. We're making them go, ‘Huh, this is interesting.’ We're making them rewatch the content, subscribe, [and] feel attached to us right from the get-go.”

💰 What Isaac would do with an extra $50K:

Isaac wants to invest in building up a space where they can capture the type of long-form content that will build super high affinity for the brand.

“I would probably invest it into our studio… we're getting a big studio in Alabama… and we're going to try to really make that big and nice, build out some sets, and go for bigger stuff.”

👉 Listen to the full episode with Isaac Medeiros here!

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