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If you listen to this podcast, you probably know that influencers, creators, and UGC are a must-have in any DTC Marketing strategy.

This podcast with Mac Enright from Lumanu breaks down strategies, the budgets, and the hacks used by some of the worlds' biggest brands (who spend 90% of their ad dollars on influencer content and whitelisting).

We cover:

▪︎ The biggest brand wins Mac's seen in IM from a multichannel approach. What true scale looks like.

▪︎ How to gain ad permissions (whitelist), what it is, and why you want to try it.

▪︎ What stops people from whitelisting and when do you know it's time to start?

▪︎ Mac's top whitelisting practices including a fun INCEPTION-like ad hack to pre-frame your customers.

▪︎ How to build your audiences with Influencer data and why you always want to go BROAD these days.

▪︎ The benefits of using Lumanu and why it's a no-brainer when you're really trying to scale influencer marketing across channels.

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