Google Ads Masterclass + GA4 and Server-Side Tracking to get ahead of the Cookiepocalypse in 2023 (AKNF)

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Today we’re releasing a Google Ad Masterclass from Day three at our C-Suite Mastermind event, with Pilothouse’s Paid Search Technical Lead Richard, who manages and guides 11 buyers, responsible for over $21 M in ad spend last year on Google Ads.

The insights are fast and furious, as Richard walks you through his best practices for Google’s full suite of tools, focusing specifically on.

Why Google Analytics 4 with server-to-server tracking is a game changer and the 3rd party tool you need to get it synced asap

Why you need to be using Performance Max campaigns across search and shopping

Along with how and when to bid on CPM, CPC, CPV to fill your funnel with cheaper consideration consumers

Get your notepad out, and bookmark this pod, send it to your agency, call you mother…Richard’s giving out all his best Google secrets, so don’t miss a minute.

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