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Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast! Today, we have Rafael from Pilothouse, who will share expert insights into optimizing Google Ads campaigns. Pilothouse is in the scaling stage, specializing in e-commerce marketing services.

Key Insights from This Episode:

Split Testing: Learn why consistent split testing is essential for finding the most effective Google Ads strategies.

Awareness Keywords: Discover how targeting upper-funnel keywords can save costs and build brand awareness.

Branded Search Management: Understand the importance of evaluating and adjusting branded search spending to prevent budget wastage.

Rafael dives deep into common mistakes brands make with Google Ads and shares actionable tips for improving ad performance and ROAS.

Top Takeaways:

The critical role of split testing in Google Ads optimization.

Benefits of focusing on awareness keywords to nurture potential customers.

Managing branded search to balance visibility and cost-efficiency.

Tune in for practical tips that can elevate your Google Ads strategy and drive better results.


00:00 - Introduction and Overview

02:00 - Importance of Separate Targets for Branded Shopping and Branded Search

04:30 - Understanding Incrementality in Branded Traffic

06:45 - Segmenting Branded Traffic and Optimizing CPC

09:00 - Handling Competitor Bidding on Branded Terms

11:30 - The Role of Ad Copy and Landing Pages in Branded Campaigns

14:00 - Balancing Brand Spend and Non-Brand Spend

18:30 - Case Studies and Real-World Examples

21:00 - The Impact of Competitor Bidding and Manual vs. Automated Bidding

23:30 - Closing Thoughts and Hockey Discussion


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