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Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast! Today, we're excited to have Sarah Carusona, former Head of Growth at Olakai. In this episode, Sarah shares her journey from Olakai to her new role as the fractional head of growth at Alpha Lion, a sports nutrition supplement brand. We dive into her strategies for scaling brands, managing large marketing budgets, and the critical importance of omni-channel marketing.

Catch Sarah at C-Suite Mastermind, Victoria BC September 18-19➝

Key Insights:

Omni-Channel Strategy: Sarah reveals her approach to developing a mathematical model to measure and optimize the effectiveness of different media channels.

Content Marketing: Insights on why investing in content is the foundation of brand building.

Balancing In-House and External Efforts: Tips on how brands should manage strategy in-house while outsourcing execution to maximize ROI.

Leadership and Role Choice: The role of leadership quality in making career decisions.

Why Listen?

Learn about effective omni-channel marketing strategies.

Understand the value of content in building a brand.

Get practical tips on managing brand-agency relationships.

Tune in to get actionable insights from Sarah Carusona and take your DTC marketing strategies to the next level!


0:00 - Introduction: Eric's Announcement and C-Suite Mastermind Event

2:00 - Understanding Brand Spend: The Restaurant Analogy

4:30 - The Importance of Content: Building Real Connections with Consumers

6:45 - Transition to Alpha Lion: Sarah's New Role and Upcoming Move

9:00 - Strategies for Omni-Channel Marketing: Insights from Olokai

11:45 - The Role of Post Purchase Surveys: Gauging Channel Effectiveness

13:30 - Managing Non-Discount Brands: Olokai's Stand Against Discounting

16:00 - Agency vs. In-House Strategy: The Changing Relationship

18:45 - The Power of YouTube: Exploring New Advertising Avenues

21:30 - Brand Bidding Strategies: Balancing Cost and Visibility

23:45 - Tools and Techniques: Porting Strategies to Alpha Lion


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