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Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast! Today, we have Ben Kruger, a former Google Ads rep who transitioned to running a profitable side hustle selling microphones. Ben shares his journey from Google to becoming a DTC entrepreneur, discussing the key tactics he used to scale his business and maximize profitability.

Key Insights:

Transition from Google to Meta Ads: Why Ben shifted his ad strategy and the results.

Cost Caps Strategy: How Ben uses cost caps to ensure profitability.

Practical Learnings: The most valuable lessons Ben learned from running his own business.

Listen to this episode to learn how to effectively manage ad campaigns, balance profitability and scaling, and leverage new digital marketing tactics for your own business success.


0:00 - Introduction to Ben Kruger

2:00 - The end goal of performance marketing

7:00 - Transitioning from Google to selling microphones

12:00 - Google Ads vs. Meta for DTC brands

17:00 - The importance of cost caps in advertising

22:00 - Using PMAX and Dynamic Search Ads effectively

27:00 - The controversy of creative metrics in marketing

32:00 - AI and future trends in DTC marketing


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