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Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast. Today, we're joined by Taylor, Nate, and Jacob from Pilothouse's Meta Ads team, who delve into the effective use of the Drop Model and early Q4 planning for DTC brands.

Mastering Product Drops: Discover how leveraging the Drop Model can create urgency, drive engagement, and boost sales.

Q4 Planning Essentials: Learn why starting your Q4 planning early is crucial and how it can help you manage increased competition and costs.

Advanced Meta Advertising: Insights into utilizing Meta’s Advantage Plus features for optimal ad performance


0:00 - Introduction and Impact of Election Year on CPMs

2:30 - Year-over-Year Meta Ads Performance and ROAS

5:00 - Product Drops Strategy and Advantage Plus Features

7:30 - Leveraging Seasonal Moments and Technical Tricks

10:00 - Planning for Q4 and Building Hype with Giveaways


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