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Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast! Today, we're thrilled to have Cam Bush, the Head of Advertising at HexClad, the DTC dominant, Gordon Ramsey partnered (Eric's personal favorite pan). HexClad is renowned for its innovative hybrid cookware and impressive growth trajectory, having reached more than $100 million in sales through strategic omnichannel marketing and high-profile partnerships.

In this episode, Cam shares his journey from agency work to in-house brand marketing, emphasizing the importance of consistent ad spend, strategic budgeting, and leveraging omnichannel strategies for sustainable growth.

Key Insights:

The significance of consistent ad spend to maintain brand visibility.

How post-purchase surveys can refine marketing strategies.

Transitioning from agency to in-house marketing and aligning department goals.


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00:00 - Introduction

04:00 - Responsibilities at Hexclad and Budgeting for Scale

10:00 - Performance vs. Brand Conversations

16:00 - The Benefits of Influencer Seeding

22:00 - The Role of Gordon Ramsay in Hexclad's Marketing

28:00 - Creative Velocity and Landing Page Optimization

34:00 - Preparing for Q4 and Holiday Marketing

38:00 - Final Thoughts and Future Marketing Bets


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