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In this episode of the DTC Podcast, we welcome Van Oakes, Founder of Goat Media, who has perfected the art of running successful giveaways. Van has not only helped scale Diesel Power Gear through countless, high value, strategic giveaways but also assists other brands in boosting their sales and reducing customer acquisition costs through his agency.

Key Insights:

Strategic Giveaways: Learn how to leverage giveaways, including high-value items like cars, electronics, and luxury goods, to significantly reduce customer acquisition costs and build a loyal community.

Omnichannel Marketing: Discover the importance of using multiple channels like Facebook, Google, Snapchat, and TikTok for a successful giveaway campaign.

Legal Compliance: Understand the legal requirements to ensure your giveaways are compliant and effective, including the necessity of offering an alternative method of entry (AMOE).

Influencer Partnerships: Enhance your campaign's credibility and reach by partnering with influencers.

Remarketing: Use winner content for powerful remarketing to encourage participation in future giveaways.

Why Listen:

Reduce CAC: Gain strategies to lower customer acquisition costs through enticing giveaway prizes such as trucks, Teslas, MacBook Pros, and Vision Pros.

Build Community: Learn how to engage your audience and foster loyalty through exciting giveaways.

Drive Immediate Revenue: Discover how to implement these strategies to generate immediate sales while growing your customer list.

Tune in to hear Van's expert advice on how you can implement these giveaway strategies to drive engagement, build a community, and increase sales for your brand. Whether you're new to giveaways or looking to refine your approach, this episode is packed with practical insights and actionable tips.

Episode Highlights:

The effectiveness of strategic giveaways in reducing CAC.

Integrating giveaways deeply into your sales process, such as offering additional entries for larger purchases.

Legal compliance and the importance of offering an alternative method of entry (AMOE).

Partnering with influencers for increased credibility.

The success story of a $7 million giveaway campaign featuring a $100,000 truck.

Listen now and transform your marketing strategy with these expert insights from Van Oakes.


00:00 - Introduction

02:30 - The Importance of Authentic Content

05:00 - Why Brands Should Consider Giveaways

09:00 - The Giveaway Model Development

11:30 - Legal Aspects of Running Giveaways

15:00 - Best Practices for Running Giveaways

18:30 - Omni-channel Marketing Approach

21:00 - Remarketing Strategies

23:00 - Successful Giveaway Campaigns

26:00 - Tips for First-time Giveaway Campaigns

29:00 - Closing Remarks and Contacts


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