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On this week's DTC Podcast, Anna Harman, co-founder of Studs, discusses the inspiration behind starting the company and the need for an alternative to traditional piercing options. She explains the superiority of needle piercing and the challenges of opening the first studio. Anna also highlights the importance of branding and creating a unique retail experience. She shares how Studs pivoted to e-commerce during the pandemic and the role of word-of-mouth marketing in their growth. Anna discusses the concept of the Earscape and pioneering new piercing trends. She emphasizes the importance of customer retention and the future growth and expansion of Studs.


Studs was created to provide an alternative to traditional piercing options, offering a safe, affordable, and inclusive experience.

Needle piercing is superior to gun piercing as it is sterilizable and allows for more unique and intricate piercings.

Studs focuses on creating a unique retail experience with chic, modern studios and a strong emphasis on customer service.

During the pandemic, Studs pivoted to e-commerce and saw success by leveraging organic and direct traffic.

The concept of the Earscape, combining piercings and curated earrings, has resonated with customers and contributed to Studs' growth.


00:00 - Introduction

02:00 - Launching the Studs Mobile Piercing Studio

04:30 - The Story Behind Studs: From Idea to Reality

07:00 - Creating a Unique Retail Experience

10:00 - Overcoming COVID-19 Challenges

12:30 - The Rise of the Earscape Trend

15:00 - Marketing Strategies and Brand Partnerships

17:30 - Studs' Growth and Expansion Plans

20:00 - The Role of Influencers in Brand Growth

22:30 - Future Goals and Exciting Plans for 2024


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