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Hello and Welcome to the DTC Podcast! Today, we're diving into the innovative world of Kizik with Brett Swenson, a key player in the brand's meteoric rise. Discover how Kizik is revolutionizing the footwear industry by blending cutting-edge technology with fashion-forward designs.

Key Insights:

The Genesis of Kizik: Learn about the brand's journey from concept to scaling in the competitive DTC space.

Strategic Evolution: How Kizik is redefining its demographic focus and product offerings to cater to a fashion-conscious audience.

Marketing Mastery: Insights into Kizik's successful use of video marketing and humor to create a compelling brand narrative.

Listen to uncover the strategies behind Kizik's growth and how they're making waves in the footwear industry.


[00:00:00] Introduction to Brett Swenson and Kizik's Marketing Philosophy

[00:02:00] How Customer Feedback Shapes Product Design at Kizik

[00:04:00] The Journey of Kizik’s Rebranding and Targeting a Younger Audience

[00:06:00] Strategies for Effective Top-of-Funnel Marketing

[00:08:00] The Role of Experiential Marketing and Out-of-Home Advertising

[00:10:00] Future Directions and New Initiatives at Kizik


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