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Welcome to the DTC Podcast, where we dive deep into Amazon's evolving landscape with Rob and Clifford from Pilothouse. Today's episode uncovers critical updates that every Amazon seller needs to know: new fees, the power of placement modifiers in advertising, and the groundbreaking Amazon Cosmos.

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Key Insights:
Understanding Amazon's New Fees: Learn how strategic management can turn new fees into a competitive edge.
Leveraging Placement Modifiers: Discover how adjusting your ad placements can drastically improve your Amazon ad campaign's ROI.
Exploring Amazon Cosmos: Get ahead with insights on Amazon's AI-driven initiative aimed at enhancing consumer search and purchase experiences.
Equip yourself with the knowledge to navigate these changes successfully and keep your Amazon business thriving.

0:00 - Introduction
2:00 - Discussing the Increase in Amazon Fees and Strategies for Sellers
4:10 - How Amazon's AI Is Changing Inventory Management
6:20 - Deep Dive into Placement Modifiers for Amazon Ads
8:30 - Strategies for Handling Amazon's New Fees and Inventory Challenges
10:50 - Exploring AI-Driven Product Search Enhancements on Amazon
13:00 - Effective Ad Placement and Bidding Strategies on Amazon
15:20 - Amazon’s AI and Future E-commerce Trends
17:40 - Insights on Maximizing Product Visibility and Sales on Amazon
19:50 - Wrap-Up: Key Takeaways from Today's Amazon Strategies Discussion

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