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In this episode, Jordan Gordon, Pilothouse's Retention Director discusses the importance of funnel support (abandon cart, abandon checkout etc) in email marketing and provides tips for optimizing funnel support emails.

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He explains how to extend the life of the cookie to improve conversion funnel support and suggests running reactivation programs to win back customers. Jordan also emphasizes the need for cadence testing and shares strategies for using content effectively in conversion funnel support emails. He introduces the concepts of coverage rate and persistence rate as metrics to monitor the effectiveness of funnel support. The episode concludes with a teaser for the next episode on email deliverability issues.


Funnel support is crucial for driving conversions in email marketing.

Extending the life of the cookie can improve conversion funnel support.

Cadence testing helps optimize the timing of funnel support emails.

Using engaging content in conversion funnel support emails can increase their effectiveness.

Monitoring coverage rate and persistence rate provides insights into the performance of funnel support.


00:00:00 - Introduction to Conversion Funnel Support and Campaign Optimization

00:02:00 - Motion: The Creative Analytics Platform Explained

00:04:10 - Extending Cookie Life for Improved Funnel Support

00:06:10 - Cadence Testing: Optimizing Email Timing for Better Engagement

00:08:10 - Innovative Email Content Strategies for Increased Conversions

00:10:20 - Managing Complex Email Rules and Optimizing Conversion Rates


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