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Hello and welcome to DTC Podcast, is actually flowing through my internal organs as we speak. Today you'll meet, Dan Crosby the Canadian Protein Mogul who recently bid and to his initial surprise bought, Biosteel from the clutches of an ugly bankruptcy proceeding splashed all over the headlines...

Biosteel is a no sugar, clean ingredient electrolyte beverage that rose to mass awareness in Canada and hockey loving parts of the United states due to it's deep partnership as the official beverage of the NHL that not only includes intense branding, but a deep product market fit with players across all levels of hockey, plus lots of loyal superstar supporters in the NFL, NBA and more.

Before bankruptcy, Biosteel was burning over $11M a month, building brand equity and sales that grew 124% in the last fiscal year.

Now Dan gets to take over with a clean sheet, a strong track record, and an incredible opportunity that could easily be the Canadian CPG Comeback story of the year...

In this podcast Dan lays out his plans for righting the Biosteel ship, streamlining retail, maintaining the incredible brand equity he's building with NHL and extending it into the grass roots of the kids who actually collect the containers just like Prime.

Make sure you're truly hydrated, with electrolytes that guarantee the water gets where it needs to go...and on with the show!


00:00 - Introduction to Dan Crosby and the BioSteel Story

02:00 - The Strategy Behind Buying BioSteel

04:30 - Rebuilding BioSteel: Challenges and Wins

06:45 - The Future of Sports Nutrition with BioSteel

09:00 - Community Feedback and the Role of Social Media in Reviving Brands


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