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It's All Killer No Filler and today we're talking TikTok Shops and their Affiliate program with Spencer from Pilothouse.

Learn how you can get your brand on TikTok though Affiliates without having to worry about building out your own big organic presence.

00:00:00 - Introduction to TikTok Shops & E-commerce Success
00:02:00 - The Role of Creative Content and Analytics in TikTok Advertising
00:04:10 - Understanding TikTok's Market Position and User Engagement
00:06:30 - Exploring TikTok Shops Affiliate Programs
00:08:40 - Commission Structure and Fees for TikTok Shops
00:10:50 - Effective Strategies for TikTok Shops Success

#TikTokShops #EcommerceStrategy #TikTokMarketing #AffiliatePrograms #SocialMediaSales #CreativeContent #DigitalMarketing #TikTokForBusiness #OnlineSales #TikTokAdvertising

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