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Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast, I'm Eric Dyck. Today I'm catching up with my old friend and mentor Ezra Firestone, the DTC Powerhouse behind Boom Cosmetics with Cindy Joseph, Zipify, Smart Marketer, and more recently Navage, a leading nasal irrigator product that Ezra's company acquired.

Ezra is an ecommerce operator who straddles all sides of the equation from products, to SAAS, to info, and who more recently has been focused on aquiring existing brands to apply his unique skill set to, rather than starting them from zero, so his perspective on the DTC game is always multi-dimensional...

Today's talk dives into his brands' increased focus on proactive SEO and content marketing, the power (and longevity) of building a personal brand, and the mechanics of buying established brands...

Join us for an insightful conversation packed with actionable strategies, personal business philosophies, and a look into the future of e-commerce through the lens of one of the industry's most respected figures...

On with the show!

0:00 - Introduction
2:00 - The Importance of SEO and Content Marketing in Today's E-Commerce
4:00 - Strategies for Building a Powerful Personal Brand
6:00 - Insights into Acquiring and Scaling Existing Brands
8:00 - The Future of E-Commerce and Predictions by Ezra Firestone

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