In the most recent episode of All Killer No Filler, Eric and the Pilothouse Google team went all in on Google.  

They emphasized the significance of early audience setup, the robust capabilities of PMAX and Demand Gen campaigns, and the unmatched potential of platforms like YouTube for top-of-funnel awareness. 👌

🏛️ Audience building

One of the key takeaways is the critical importance of setting up new audiences well in advance. “If you don't start now, you're not maximizing, and it costs way more. If you're trying to build your funnel in Q4, it'll cost a lot more.” 

If your goal is effectiveness and cost-efficiency for your Q4 campaigns, early planning should be numero uno on your list. 

🎯 Google performance max

The conversation also highlights the multifaceted utility of PMAX campaigns. 

Utilizing PMAX campaigns across the entire funnel allows you to not only focus on immediate conversions, but also target individuals engaged in high-level searching. 

This approach ensures a more extensive and effective reach, enhancing the potential for conversions over time.

❣️ TOF + YouTube = match made in heaven

YouTube emerges as a powerful platform in the discussion, specifically for top-of-funnel awareness. 

The five seconds a user spends looking at an ad before clicking the "skip" button can make all the difference. 

Though short, a five-second window can still pique viewers' interest, introduce them to your brand, and pave the way for future interactions and conversions. 

The pod is filled with so many Google goodies—including lifestyle videos to garner attention and Demand Gen campaigns (set to launch in October).

🎧 Eager to get the full scoop and go all in on Google? Click here to listen to the full episode.

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