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🎧 Today on the DTC pod, we're stitching together the fabric of success for 2023's apparel moguls. Enter the world of Jacob Rokeach, the ecommerce extraordinaire and Fractional CMO, ready to tailor his insights for your brand's perfect fit. 

Get ready for some practical inventory management advice coupled with innovative omnichannel strategies to move that product like never before.

Jacob also touches on the more complex world of Meta ad account structuring in the age of creative ad targeting.

And if influencers are the needle to your brand's thread? Jacob's got the blueprint. 

Gear up for a bespoke branding masterclass that will shape your future in an era saturated with choices on both sides of the transaction.

‍The takeaways 👇

🧵 Bespoke boom

In recent times, a familiar yet refined buzzword has been rethreading the apparel narrative: Bespoke

Jacob delved deep into how this made-to-measure trend, historically reserved for the elite, redefines modern fashion. Brands are ingeniously navigating middle paths beyond the strict custom tailoring.

Opting for off-the-rack pieces with in-store customization or even using consistent base materials to introduce personalized nuances like unique embroidery, Jacob's insights suggest it's not merely about the garment but the evolving consumer's need for individuality and expression. 👗

Blending this personal touch with strategic inventory management is now the fashion-forward formula for brands aiming to clinch the cutting edge.

🌟 Brand brilliance

Distinguishing oneself in the sprawling expanse of the apparel industry demands more than quality material or catchy designs. 

It requires ✨brand brilliance.✨

On the pod, Jacob highlights the transformative power of strong branding in setting an apparel business apart. In an era saturated with choices, perception plays a pivotal role. 

Consumers often lean into brands that can evoke a sense of luxury, nostalgia, or even sustainability. 💅 But it's not about slapping on a high price tag and calling it 'luxury.' It's the stories brands weave, the experiences they offer, and the promises they keep. 

To truly succeed in the contemporary apparel market, one must sew together quality, narrative, and authenticity. 

But how?

👉 Find out and listen to the full episode with Jacob Rokeach here!

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