Ep 333: Three Years to 8 Figures with Brandon Horoho - Montana Knife Company

🎧 Today on the DTC pod, we're diving deep into the razor-sharp world of knife entrepreneurship! 

Our guest, Brandon Horoho, CMO and co-founder of Montana Knife Company, faced unique challenges in marketing a heavily restricted product across advertising platforms. 

Yet, in just three years, he's managed to cut through the noise, delivering a staggering 1,600% growth. 🔥

Wanna know how he meticulously plans each product drop a year in advance? (Or are you curious about the intriguing world of bladesmithing?) 

From understanding why the average MKC customer owns multiple knives to exploring the nuances of an 8-figure product drop model, this episode promises to offer insights as sharp as the knives themselves. 🔪

‍The takeaways 👇

📈 Growth, the organic way

When Montana Knife Company first set foot in the market, they didn't merely opt for a step-by-step playbook — they chose to dance. 

Avoiding the standard pay-to-play ad tactics, they embraced an approach equal parts narrative and nuance. Instead of just building an email list, they penned chapters of a gripping tale, revealing the nitty-gritty of vendor showdowns and the almost-mythical quest for the perfect steel. 

It’s not merely about peddling knives; it's about inviting folks to join an unfolding saga. 

Brandon’s message for budding brands? 

Ditch the rehearsed ad pitch. Dive into the bloopers reel without the ad glitz. In this world of curated perfection, an authentic underdog story can be a breath of fresh, relatable air. 🌬️

🔪 Drop, shop, repeat!

Montana Knife Company’s product drop strategy is less about the "new shiny" and more about turning every Tuesday into Christmas morning. 

It's not just about fresh blades on the block; it's a weekly gala of oohs, aahs, and “I need this NOW.” 

Throwing out hypothetical ideas about a collab with Yeto isn’t just marketing; it’s a surprise party for their fans that keeps them guessing about what MKC is going to try next. 

By consistently upping the ante in the creatives, the brand isn’t just securing sales; they're driving brand loyalty and engagement. If your brand's looking to turn routine drops into riveting events, then MKC's playbook is your ticket to the big leagues.

💰 What Brandon would do with an extra $50K:

His vision? Curate immersive experiences.

With an extra $50K, Brandon would host an in-person event, a melting pot of brand ambassadors, renowned athletes, and devoted fans. Here, attendees would delve into the art of animal processing, archery, and knife crafting. 

Beyond the event, the wealth of documented content ensures Montana Knife Company remains a talking point for months, continually igniting brand engagement.

👉 Listen to the full episode with Brandon Horoho here!

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