🎧 On today’s episode of the DTC pod, we’re delving into an astounding tale of revival, growth, and strategic marketing.

Our guest, Drew Arciuolo, VP of Marketing at VKTRY Gear, discusses how their blend of viral video marketing and niche-targeting transformed their orthotic business.

VKTRY Gear’s whooping 218% growth in Q1 2023 is a testament to the potent magic of strategic and curated content creation.

🤫 But the secret sauce lies not just in the numbers…

Tune in to the DTC Podcast and discover how VKTRY Gear harnessed the power of targeted content, reduced their CAC by a remarkable 43%, and navigated their way to the top of the DTC world. 

There's a page in VKTRY Gear's marketing playbook for everyone. Trust us.

‍The Takeaways 👇

🎯 Niche-ing down success

In the highly competitive world of content creation, trying to appeal to everyone can feel like shooting hoops in the dark. 

According to Drew, VKTRY Gear's true slam dunk moment came when they focused solely on the basketball community. By narrowing their target market, the company found the sweet spot for success. 

Before July 2022, they were positioning themselves as the 'athletes' influencer.' They quickly learned this broad strokes approach made it difficult to speak to the demographic they were targeting.

When they made the pivotal decision to focus on the basketball niche, everything changed. 

Their content became more targeted, their messaging more resonant, and their brand more appealing to basketball players. 

It turns out, sometimes less is indeed more!

📈 Trend-boosting

Staying relevant and engaging with your audience is an art, and according to Drew, audio trends continue to play a vital role in their marketing strategy. 

Keeping a finger on the pulse of current audio trends that resonate with your target audience is crucial. Whether it's the latest TikTok music sensation or viral sound, incorporating these trends into your content strategy helps stop the scroll and get listeners cued in before they even realize they’re watching an ad. 

This is especially true on TikTok where the audio is always on as users scroll through content. 😉 

However, Drew cautions against over-reliance on trends. While they can boost your views, they don't necessarily translate to increased engagement or site traffic. 

The real holy grail lies in cultivating an organic audience that genuinely engages with your content. Trends might be fleeting, but building meaningful connections with your audience leaves a lasting impact—playing the perfect background score to your brand's success story.

💰 What Drew would do with an extra $100K:

Invest in influencers and content. 

His vision involves an influencer-hosted basketball game, showcasing the top social media stars wearing VKTRY Gear uniforms in a slam dunk contest. 

The goal is twofold: Creating an engaging event and capturing a year's worth of content. 

With a dash of humor and surprise, Drew aims to harness the power of viral trends to build audience engagement and drive positive brand perception.

👉 Listen to the full episode with Drew Arciuolo here!

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