🎧 On today’s episode of the DTC pod, we're unraveling the threads of brand building with an authentic twist!

Get ready to be shepherded through the incredible journey of building a premium brand as we are joined by Dan Demsky, the co-founder of Unbound Merino

From whispering the secrets of leveraging ASMR-style travel footage to amplifying the impact through genuine word-of-mouth on YouTube, Dan sheds light on the tactics that make Unbound Merino resonate deeply with consumers. 

But that’s not all! 

Brace yourself as he navigates the stormy seas of striking the perfect balance between performance marketing and maintaining a solid brand identity. 🤝

This conversation will surely equip you with insights and strategies to make your brand the needle that stands out in the haystack of the DTC market. 

So, buckle in, and let’s dive into authentic marketing

‍The takeaways 👇

🎧 ASMR-vertising 

You’ve heard about ASMR, right? The sensory phenomenon where certain sounds give you goosebumps? 

Unbound Merino is wielding the power of ASMR-style ads to transport viewers into authentic travel experiences. And, trust us, it’s more satisfying than popping bubble wrap. 

With the clinking of glasses and footsteps at dusk, these ads plunge viewers into a wordless wonderland that’s all about the sensory sizzle. ♨️ 

But there's more! These ASMR-vertisements drench you in feel-good vibes and seamlessly mesh with Unbound Merino’s brand persona. 

As customers relish this sensory smorgasbord, they connect with the brand on a deeper level. So, here’s to ASMR-style ads, where silence is not just golden but, potentially, the golden goose of advertising.

🏔️ An organic avalanche

Imagine finding a pot of gold without even using a map. That's what’s happening to Unbound Merino on YouTube. 

Dan’s astonishment was palpable on the DTC pod when he unveiled the brand's accidental triumph in the realm of word-of-mouth marketing.

A whopping 30-45% of Unbound Merino’s customers discovered the brand through YouTube. And what’s the ad spend, you ask? A big fat zero dollars! 

While the brand was spending on Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads, YouTube threw a spontaneous block party with dozens of organic Unbound product reviews. 

The kicker? 

Unbound Merino only sponsored two of them. 

This treasure trove of brand chatter is akin to the digital version of your neighbor yelling over the fence about their new fabulous sweater, and suddenly everyone wants in on the cozy. 

Now, the big question for Unbound Merino is: how to harness this whirlwind? One thing’s for sure, when YouTube starts whispering your name, it’s time to tune in.

👉 Listen to the full episode with Dan Demsky here!

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