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Join Avery and Cam for a discussion of the 5 critical Attention Triggers you need to build into your creative to make sure it grabs and keeps your customers' attention in their first three seconds of an ad.

1. Music: 
Trending music v. corporate music 
Sped up music 
We only have a limited amount of attention to work with on TT so want to show off and highlight the best parts of the song 

Have a product that looks great in use? Slap a sped up night version of a 2000s hit on there.

This is a great low lift iteration opportunity as well. Take your winner and try some fresh tunes with it. 

2. Transitions:
This type of content is riiiiipe for before/afters (which Tiktok is a lot friendlier to than Meta). 

A lot of transition trends start off as thirst traps which provides a very silly opportunity for brands. 

3. Movement:
Get animated right from the jump, eliminate the millennial pause. 

People see so many talking head videos on platform. Get up, move around, and feature an activity.

Take your top talking head review and instead have someone using the product and speaking to it (think GRWM videos, those girlies are always moving, always doing something) 

If I’m selling something like a travel mug the juice of the product/video isn’t going to be talking about that mug sitting at home. It’s gonna be showing that mug going everywhere with you for the day. 

Founders story videos are a great place to insert some movement in an otherwise stale concept. Don’t just sit in front of the camera and talk about your product get up, show us how it works, show us the warehouse, office etc. 

4. Text: 
Simple and a top performer. 
One of the easiest iterations as well. 
Think specifically about what text is on the screen within the first 3 seconds of the ad. 
Is it encouraging someone to view more
Is it funny? 
Does it peak curiosity? 

Make sure your font is right for Tiktok. 

5. Emojis: 
SO fun. Modern day hieroglyphics.  

Can use these similarly to how we use text to encourage someone to: 
Be funny
Encourage longer views
Peak curiosity 

6. Brands: 
I finally got my hands on the (brand) (product). 

If possible, also show the logo in the ad. Is it on the box? On the product? Can help especially TOF to start building some familiarity with the brand.

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00:03:30 - Auditory Triggers: How to leverage music to grab attention
00:10:50 - Before and After: Unlocking the power of transformation in your ads
00:11:30 - Applying thirst trap transitions to various consumer products
00:12:30 - Subverting expectations and delighting viewers with unexpected content
00:14:10 - Experimenting with timing and leaving viewers curious with a strategic ad approach
00:18:50 - Separating audio and visual components to incorporate movement clips for improved performance

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