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Hello and welcome to the DTC podcast, I'm Eric Dyck. Today's guest is Shira Feuer, the CMO of Trinny London, a fast-growing 8 beauty brand that has revolutionized the makeup industry with its unique organic, founder lead, content-driven approach.


In this episode, Shira shares valuable insights into Trinny London's success, discussing the importance of Trinny Woodall's persona, and ongoing content, meeting customers where they are, and doubling down on what makes your brand unique. She also dives into the challenges and opportunities of scaling a DTC brand internationally, and how Trinny London is navigating the beauty industry's competitive landscape. So, whether you're a skincare or makeup founder, or simply looking to learn from a seasoned CMO executing on hyper growth, it's time to get the skinny on Trinny London, on with the show.

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