Ep 298: Jess Cervallon from Feastables: What CPG Can Learn from SaaS about CX

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Hello and welcome to DTC Podcast, I’m Eric Dyck…Today we’re beasting out on CPG Customer Experience with Jess Cervallon Head of CX at Mr. Beast’s Feastables, makers of Deez Nuts and Karl Gummies

Jess bring a SaaS background to the usually transactional CPG CX game, which has been key on her mission of giving every customer a piece of the Mr. Beast experience (Jimmy Pie) with every touch point

Jess shares examples of the most out of the box customer experience moments including traveling the US, delivering 11 Teslas.

Jess also shares her CX stack and how she thinks about segmentation and dynamic customer journeys…

Grab Deez Nutz and on with the show!

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