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Hello and welcome to DTC Podcast, I’m Eric Dyck. Today we’re coming at you with a DTC Minis episode with LilyLousAromas’ 9 year old dynamo entrepreneur Lily Harper, and her mom Chloe, as well as the debut of my 9 year old daughter Iris as cohost!

Lily’s entrepreneurial journey started when she struggled with bullying and traditional learning methods. Her parents turned to homeschooling, with a focus on mental health, and learning by doing. With a bit of her parent’s help, Lily’s love for Candles “without all the nasties” that you find in many other products, has turned into a bustling dtc business, a massive TikTok following and a deep desire to keep growing and learning…

This podcast touches on a bunch of areas that we don’t normally get to cover like:

How to approach children and technology like TikTok, and the debate between whether shield children from the internet or give them the tools to thrive in the digital reality.

How ADHD can be a super power when it comes to growing a business

How AD child’s limitless mind and powerful imagination is a huge benefit in a DTC boardroom

Listen to this podcast and let’s see if we can help manifest Lilly’s dreams of a massive warehouse, public speaking gigs, and getting into “holt ren.”

Iris loved this one…and it got my wheels turning on some ideas to put her to work! I hope you enjoy the most heartwarming episode about child labor you’ll ever hear…

On with the show!

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