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Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast, I’m Eric Dyck. Today we’re getting cozy with Davie Fogarty from The Oodie, the wearable blanket brand that reported earnings of over $400 Million dollars earlier this year. Davie is a born entrepreneur, dedicated to constantly learning and expanding from eCommerce into both SaaS and media. Settle in for deep insights on: ▪️Hiring your own replacement and how a proper merchandising hire helped save Davie over $50 million this year ▪️Why your product and the trend it’s based on matters more than any other part of your business ▪️Davie’s biggest mistake and why catching up on retail could get the oodie closer to a billion in 2023  Get comfy, you’re not going to want to miss this one…on with the show.


00:00 - Introduction to Davie Fogarty and his E-commerce journey

06:20 - Navigating the challenges of scaling E-commerce brands

12:50 - UDI's product differentiation strategy and leveraging unique designs

19:15 - The power of community engagement and social media marketing

27:40 - Unlocking growth opportunities with real-time trend analysis

Hashtags: #EcommerceSuccess #BusinessScaling #ProductDifferentiation #CommunityEngagement #TrendAnalysis

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