Crush BFCM 2021 - Get Sentimental and Unlock Your Brand's Gifting Persona

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Today we’re talking Q4 Content Planning, Black Friday/Cyber Monday + Halloween and Holidays with Pilothouse’s CRACK creative team including Angela Head UGC, Sam from Production, Evan the Content manager, and Cam our Creative Director:

We covered:

▪ Why it's smart to figure out your best promos by testing at Halloween.

▪ Why unlocking your brand's gifting persona is key for big sales BFCM 2021

▪ Why "sentimental" is the word for the season

▪ Why BFCM started a month early last year, and when it begins this year.

▪ How to maximize the value of your promotions

▪ Incorporating Scrappy and High End in your diverse creative flow

Listen to the full cast!

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