Crush BFCM 2021 - Get Sentimental and Unlock Your Brand's Gifting Persona

This week on All Killer No Filler we’re talking about a hot topic: Q4 Content Planning.

We’re joined by Pilothouse’s creative team including Angela, Head of UGC, Sam from Production, Evan the Content manager, and Cam, our Creative Director.

The Rundown: 👇

Test creative with small holidays: 

When thinking about Q4 planning, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are top of mind.

We also know that testing is important, but the question is when?

Try utilizing some of the smaller holidays (aka Halloween) to see what creative resonates with your audience.

Not sure where to start?

Try testing two types of offers you’re thinking of running for BF/CM and see which is a hit!

Know your demographics

It’s common in holiday seasons that your buyer is not always your end user.

Gifting is great inspiration for your UGC/influencer content.

For example, a menswear clothing line may utilize female influencers to showcase who they’re buying for instead of just taking the traditional angle of “what products you’re loving for you.”

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