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🎧 On today’s episode of the DTC pod, we sit down with 25-year-old technology, lifestyle, and home content creator Justin Tse!

Justin has been in the social sphere as an established content creator for 10+ years and has amassed a following of nearly 800K subscribers on YouTube alone. 🤯

In today’s pod, you’ll learn how DTC brands are partnering with content creators like Justin, how those partnerships affect the careers and trajectories of those creators in the long run, and how an educational focus can keep your DTC brand ahead of the curve.

‍The takeaways 👇

🤳 Understanding the ecosystem

Since the start of influencer marketing on social media more than a decade ago, consumers have increasingly placed their trust in the creators that brands work with over any other medium of traditional advertising.

Creators like Justin are a part of a larger, symbiotic ecosystem that brands tap into when they see the benefits of expanding their reach in the marketplace and utilizing creator-led content in their additional advertising funnels. But the benefit isn’t just on the brand’s side.

With each brand partnership, creators unlock the opportunity to monetize their influence and build sustainable business models. But what do you do as a creator when your life becomes your business? Justin thinks it’s about consistently setting new goals.

“Looking at 2022, the thing that is probably [my] biggest goal is to continue to stay excited about things. A lot of the goals that I had for my YouTube channel and that I had as a kid were 5 to 10 years ago… But because it takes so long to [achieve those goals], and because it’s a very manual process as the creator that has to be the face of the channel, by the time you reach that goal… You don’t really realize that at some point you dreamed of being at the point that you are today.”

🏃 Staying ahead of the curve

With a market downturn looming, DTC brands everywhere are finding ways to create additional revenue streams whether it’s through direct sales, social commerce, or influencer marketing – the possibilities are specific to each retailer.

However, Justin points out that where there is a possibility, there is likely competition. Figuring out how to set your brand apart from others is vital to coming out ahead.

“I believe in an industry where it’s very competitive... It's very important to stay ahead of the curve. And especially if there’s a downturn, that’s the perfect opportunity to be able to revolutionize your business, but also learn more as a creator or founder, being able to analyze every aspect of your business [and] also work on things that you felt like you had an excuse not to do before.”

💰 What Justin would do with an extra $50K:

Justin wants to take chances (and change lives!)

“It would definitely be invested into video projects that we’re maybe a little bit optimistic [about] but we hadn’t tried before. Maybe a project that would invest in giving something away to the public... That would make an impactful difference on [someone’s] life.”

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