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Welcome to DTC Podcast, I'm Eric Dyck. Today we're talking with Keen Decision's Founder Greg Dolan about 2024 planning, and how brands can determine their optimum media mix....

Understand the power of media mix analysis!

From shattering my concept of Top of Funnel, to teaching me the basics of media mix analysis, to understanding the real power of AI to determine the real halo effects, and points of negative return for your all your marketing channels...

Are you truly ominchannel, or want to be? Then go to to get a taste of modern media mix analysis... but for now, on with the show!

0:00 - Introduction to Media Mix Analysis and DTC Brand Planning
2:30 - Understanding Top-of-Funnel Marketing and Its Importance
5:00 - The Role of AI in Modern Marketing Mix Analysis
7:15 - Omni-Channel Strategies: Are They Still Relevant in 2024?
9:30 - Identifying Points of Diminishing Returns in Media Spending

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