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Hello and welcome to DTC Podcast, I'm Eric Dyck, today we're forecasting the future of First Party Data with a couple SAAS Legends: Richard Harris, CEO of Black Crow AI and Klaviyo's President, Steve Rowland...

With third party cookie data disappearing, first party data becomes all the more important... This conversation covers the current state of the "cookiepocalypse" and a deep dive on what some really smart brands are doing with AI to create predictions about how to engage your customer across channels to produce the best customer experiences, across all channels.  

You'll learn:

How AI can amplify your customer retention strategies, through personalized customer journeys, or "strands"

How the best brands balance their Email and SMS communications...

The Future of Omnichannel CX, driven by predictive AI...

It's not every day we get a Senior Executive from a Public Company on the DTC Podcast, So listen in...

and stick around until the end where I ask Steve how far Klaviyo is from investing in a Superbowl commercial

On with the show!


[00:00] Introduction: Forecasting the Future of First-Party Data

[02:10] The Impact of Third-Party Cookie Changes on Marketing

[04:20] Utilizing AI for Customer Retention and Personalized Journeys

[06:40] Strategies for Effective Email and SMS Communication

[09:00] Growing Your List and the Role of Predictive Analytics

[11:20] The Future of Autonomous Marketing Systems












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