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Welcome to DTC Podcast, I'm Eric Dyck. Today I was thrilled to catch up with my old friend Alex Beller, who I met as he was just starting ⁠Postscript⁠, a man recognized as a true domain expert in SMS marketing.

Alex is on a mission to prove that Brand's SMS revenue can be their number one channel, and in the pod he lays out a road map to get there including best in class, specific examples of how brands are using conversational commerce and real live human intervention in their ⁠SMS flows to increase conversion rate and customer LTV⁠, and how 95% of brands are still not using SMS to its full potential.

You'll hear how Alex and Postscript are zigging on AI, beefing one twitter, and pricing things transparently....

Check your text messages later, you better listen to this one...

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