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Hello and welcome to DTC Podcast, I'm Eric Dyck, in today's bonus episode we chat with Kevin Liu, CEO at Numeral, Ecommerce entrepreneur, and Certified public accountant. The rare unicorn who make money and help you count it built Numeral with Y Combinator backing, to solve the simple yet headache inducing problem of multi-state ecommerce sales tax filing.

As a CPA and an entrepreneur, Kevin's got a unique perspective on the DTC P/L along with why all businesses need to streamline their finances in the coming years...

Putting ecommerce sales tax on auto pilot is a good start ➝ Go to ⁠⁠ to schedule a demo and on with the show!


00:00 - Introduction

02:35 - Challenges of sales tax management in e-commerce

08:45 - How Numeral is modernizing sales tax compliance

15:30 - Numeral's growth journey through Y Combinator

18:10 - Kevin's financial hot take: Importance of DIY bookkeeping

Hashtags: #ECommerceSalesTax #NumeralFinTech #SalesTaxCompliance #ECommerceFinancialServices #Entrepreneurship

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