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Hello and welcome to DTC Podcast, I’m Eric Dyck.

Today we’re covering financial footwork with Sabah’s Mickey Ashmore and Highbeam’s Samir Shergill.

Mickey started Sabah with a simple goal: bring the timeless handmade craftsmanship of small-town Turkey to quality shoe loves everywhere, one pair at a time.

This episode dives deep into Mickey’s journey from his beginnings as a finance bro to selling out his first popup in Brooklyn, to bootstrapping to a multi-8-figure business with help from his friend Samir at Highbeam.

Highbeam is a banking platform built for eCommerce brands, and this chat really nails the key financial aspects of high growth that we just don’t talk about on the pod enough.

Early in the podcast, Mickey explains why he got into this business in the first place – independence to do what he wants and to grow his business as he likes. Learn how having a firm grip on the banking and financial side of your business can be a huge unlock.

I really enjoyed this podcast, and I hope it helps you reframe your thinking on how helpful having a good banker in your corner can be…

On with the show!

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