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Hello and welcome to DTC Podcast, I'm Eric Dyck. On this pod, almost everything we talk about contributes in one way or another to axq large problem the world faces...plastic pollution, so today' we're focused on how we're going to tackle it.

Enter Joel Tasche, founder and CEO of CleanHub, the world's first ISO-verified platform, designed to help DTC Brands reduce plastic and collect more plastic from the environment than they use, with AI technology that keeps track of every pound collected ...

Plastic is everywhere and pretty much unavoidable in our modern lives, but CleanHub helps brands take proactive and measurable efforts to help brands reduce their plastic footprint, and put love for the planet into the core of the brand identity.

This conversation will help you come to grips with the world of plastic, along with the challenges, and great developments in becoming a more circular economy. We'll also cover the rise of the conscious consumer, and what your brand needs to do to resonate with them.

The power of environmental action in brand identity

How to avoid  greenwashing in your sustainability communications...

Only listen to this podcast if you care about the future of planet Earth...and are excited about the opportunity we have as purveyors of plastics to clean things up....

0:00 - Introduction to CleanHub and its mission
2:36 - The importance of sustainability in waste management
4:58 - Sudscrub: A case study on integrating sustainability
7:25 - Building environmental consciousness into a brand
9:57 - Tangible actions for conscious consumers
12:21 - Measuring CleanHub's impact: 14 million pounds of waste collected
14:47 - The role of packaging assessment in sustainability
17:12 - The future of biodegradable plastics and waste management
19:35 - Wrapping up the conversation on revolutionizing waste management

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