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Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast. I'm Eric Dyck. Today, we're diving deep into the powerful trend of buyers' networks and product launching communities. Our guest, Greg Rollet, hails from the Grommet—a remarkable platform that boasts a dedicated community of 2.5 million buyers and has been instrumental in propelling innovative products into the spotlight.

Until at least 2024 The Grommet has pledged to take NO FEE on any sale they refer to your site, so if you've got a product that fits that problem solving gadget category, explore their product launch network as an option to drive cost free Q4 sales!⁠

In our conversation, we'll explore:

The exponential growth: Why communities like the Grommet have become a crucial component of successful product launches in today's market.

Behind the Scenes: The strategies, challenges, and breakthroughs that define successful product launches on platforms like the Grommet.

The "Network Effect" in DTC: Unraveling the significant impact of a 2.5 million-strong buyers' network on brand awareness and sales momentum.

Tune in for a deep dive into the mechanics, strategies, and outcomes that characterize the transformative world of direct-to-consumer marketing.

00:00 Introduction

02:33 The mission of The Grommet: Helping shoppers discover unique and useful products

10:30 Creating an immersive shopping experience online

14:15 The gamification aspect of product launches on The Grommet

23:25 Strategies for holistic ecosystem thinking in the DTC space

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