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Welcome to the DTC Podcast! In this episode, Kevin Gould from Glamnetic and Romain Lapeyre from Gorgias dive into the challenges and solutions of managing explosive growth in e-commerce. Glamnetic's remarkable leap to $50 million in just one year brought immense customer support demands. Discover how leveraging Gorgias’s AI-powered tools enabled them to transform their customer support into a seamless and proactive customer experience.

Key insights include:

How Glamnetic scaled customer support to handle rapid growth, achieving a 20% deflection rate with AI and aiming for 70% deflection.

Strategic use of personalized touches to boost customer loyalty.

Preparing for peak seasons like Black Friday with scalable AI-driven support.

Learn how AI and innovative customer support strategies can turn challenges into opportunities for growth and customer satisfaction.

Get proactive about your customer experience: ⁠⁠

Keywords: Customer Experience, AI, E-commerce, Glamnetic, Gorgias, Kevin Gould, Romain Lapeyre, Customer Support, Scaling Business, Customer Loyalty, Proactive Support, Black Friday Prep, Digital Marketing, Growth Strategy.


0:00 - Introduction

2:30 - The Role of AI in Customer Support

4:50 - Glamnetic's Growth Story: From $1M to $50M

7:10 - Reactive vs. Proactive Customer Experience

9:00 - Using AI to Automate Customer Service

11:30 - The Impact of AI on Customer Satisfaction

14:10 - Building a Customer-Centric Culture

16:50 - Enhancing Customer Experience with Personalized Gifts

19:00 - The Future of Customer Experience with Persistent AI

22:00 - Preparing for Q4 and Black Friday/Cyber Monday

25:00 - The Future of Voice and AI in Customer Support

27:30 - Final Thoughts and Upcoming Events


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