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Hello and welcome to DTC Podcast, I’m Eric Dyck, today we’re going a layer deeper…deeper than ads, deeper than product, today we’re talking all about money.

I can’t believe for a podcast all about revenue growth, this is the first time we’ve ever interviewed a finance expert, and I can’t imagine a more insightful and delightful conversation as I had with Mr. Sam Hill, Founder of EcomCFO, outsourced financial services for Ecommerce businesses.

Sam is a veteran of this space and has helped dozens of brands, totalling over $150M of annual revenue, across all categories get complete mastery of their finances for far less than the cost of a dedicated, specialized ecommerce CFO.

Today we dug deep on:

  • Knowing your “Actuals” the numbers beyond revenue you NEED To know.
  • The factors that make ecom CFOing trickier than most businesses, like reverse logistics.
  • How to make better financial decisions not just in the face of a looming recession but making the right decisions for decades to come.

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