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Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast! Today, we’re joined by Hans Harris, Growth Director at BrüMate, the nine-figure drinkware and cooler brand, as well as Sam Barati, VP of Customer Success at Tapcart.

We'll be diving into the strategy behind BrüMate's wildly successful mobile app, which leads all sales and distribution channels in conversion, AOV, and customer LTV.

Key Insights:

Boosting Customer Retention: Discover how BrüMate's mobile app drives additional revenue incrementally outside traditional channels, and has led to higher conversion rates, AOV, and customer lifetime value.

App-Exclusive Strategies: Learn about the app-exclusive products and promotions that have significantly driven app downloads and engagement.

Cost-Effective Engagement: Understand why push notifications via the mobile app are more effective and cheaper than traditional SMS and email marketing.

More Aggressive Acquisition: BrüMate's mobile app allows for are more reliable & efficient sales channel that has led to increases in MER

Why Listen?

Learn from a Nine-Figure Brand: BrüMate’s experience offers valuable insights for any DTC brand looking to scale.

Tactical App Strategies: Get practical tips on using mobile apps for customer retention and revenue growth.

Real-World Success: See how BrüMate’s app strategy translates into tangible business results.


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00:00 - Introduction

02:00 - The Rise of Mobile Apps in DTC

05:00 - BruMate’s Mobile App Strategy and Success

08:00 - The Power of Exclusive Content and Promotions

11:00 - Building a Loyal Community: The Role of VIP Groups

14:00 - Driving App Downloads: Strategies and Insights

17:00 - The Impact of Push Notifications and Efficiency

20:00 - Leveraging High AOV Items and Seasonal Campaigns

23:00 - Future Trends in Mobile Apps for DTC Brands


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