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Hello and welcome to the DTC Podcast. Today, we’re thrilled to have Pauline Shiu from Finale Inventory with us to explore the transformative power of effective inventory management in the e-commerce space.

We'll uncover how Finale Inventory aids businesses in avoiding common pitfalls like overselling or stockouts, how to compete at a higher level by scaling up your supply chain and operations, and we discuss the strategic role of inventory in boosting profitability.

Here’s what we'll dive into:

The crucial link between inventory management and business growth.

How Finale Inventory's solutions have led to massive revenue increases for their clients.

Tips for integrating robust inventory systems into your business framework across DTC, Amazon and Retail, plus why ERPs aren't for everyone!

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Topics Discussed:

Inventory Management, E-commerce Efficiency, Scalability Solutions, Business Growth Strategies, Operational Efficiency, Stock Management, E-commerce Tools, SaaS Solutions for Inventory, Warehouse Efficiency, Supply Chain Optimization, Amazon FBA Management


00:00 - Introduction to the episode and guest Pauline Shiu

02:00 - Challenges in e-commerce inventory management

04:10 - How Finale Inventory helps businesses streamline inventory

06:20 - The impact of accurate inventory management on e-commerce growth

08:30 - Key features of Finale Inventory and its integration capabilities

10:50 - The importance of real-time data in inventory management

13:00 - Discussion on ERP vs. IMS and choosing the right system for your business

15:40 - Future trends in e-commerce and inventory management

18:15 - How businesses can prepare for Q4 sales and inventory demands

20:30 - Closing thoughts and how to connect with Finale Inventory







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